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Family law can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. Trust in the legal services of our team to get you through the legal process. We'll provide you with the one-on-one support you need right away for:

  • Divorce and legal separaton
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Modifications of prior order of the court
  • Paternity and convervatorship issues
  • Termination and Adoption
  • Custody violations, including enforcement and contempt
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Community property, separate property and reimbursement claims
  • Grandparent custody and possession

Stand up for your rights. Tom E. Smalley, Attorney At Law, is a member of The State Bar of Texas, Ellis County Bar Association, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Texas. He is a reputable family lawyer, who is committed to effective legal representation for every client. No matter what the details of your situation are, you can count on guidance and answers when you trust our family law office with your services. Speak with us about your needs today.

Comprehensive Services from Our Family Law Office

When your rights and the rights of your family are on the line, we understand the pressure you may be feeling. At our family law office, we have long-time experience helping individuals and families through a myriad of issues matters. Tom E. Smalley is committed to providing one-on-one support, guidance, and compassion to each of his clients, not matter how complex the case. Whether your situation involves child custody or a complicated divorce, our office is available to give your case the attention it needs and deserves.

Family Law

Our family law practice represents child custody, child support, post-divorce modifications, paternity issues, custody violations, spousal support, community property, grandparent visitation, and adoption family law services.

When your rights and the rights of your family are on the line, we understand the pressure you may be feeling. At our family law office, we have long-time experience helping individuals and families through a myriad of issues matters. Our experienced attorney is committed to providing one-on-one support, guidance, and compassion to each of his clients, not matter how complex the case. Whether your situation involves child custody or a complicated divorce, our office is available to give your case the attention it needs and deserves.

Since opening our doors, we have had the pleasure of helping countless men and women throughout the region. We realize that each situation has its unique factors to consider. We focus on the details in each case to develop the best course of action for our clients. Our years of knowledge and experience enable us to offer assistance with any family law matter you may encounter.

Divorce & Legal Seperation

Separation and divorce can be an unavoidable step in many relationships. Nobody gets married planning to separate and then divorce later. Separation and divorce can be very important and influential actions that will occur in your life - both emotionally and financially, but when it happens you, having the right legal representation is imperative.

Deciding how to divide property and assets along with dealing with custody issues regarding your child/children in a divorce situation will affect your future more than any other action you will probably ever take. Instead of letting your situation get you down, get the help you need from Tom E. Smalley, Attorney at Law. With over 40 years of experience, you can face separation and divorce, and, come to the right decisions with assistance. No matter where you are in the divorce process, you can always be able to count on my professional support.

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Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims can be complicated. There are several different types of reimbursements in a divorce matter. One is where a party's separate estate has enhanced the parties' community estate and then there is where the community estate has enhanced one of the parties' separate estate. Call our office for a free consultation with Tom E. Smalley to be sure you are being adequately compensated for any reimbursement claim you may be due and owing.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are prepared in accordance with the finalization of a divorce matter where retirement benefits of some sort are being divided between the parties. These orders are extremely delicate and must be prepared in accordance with federal and plan rules. Rely on Tom E. Smalley, Attorney at Law for accurate preparation of these documents.

Post Divorce, Paternity And Suit Affecting The Parent Child Relationship Modifications

Once a final order has been entered and signed by the court, there are only a few things that qualify for a modification. Please contact the office to discuss these options should you want to having things in your order changed.

Child Custody

Whether you are going through a divorce or are facing a unique circumstance, you may have to decide if you want temporary or shared child custody. The choice is never easy, and this can be a very difficult time for families. We understand that and have compassion when handling your child custody arrangement.

Tom E Smalley is a custody evaluator and has worked on a variety of child custody cases. All cases are kept confidential, and he will fight for your rights in Court. If you are having trouble with your court-ordered requirements or with your child's other parent or legal guardian, we will do our very best to work out a fair resolution for both parties to avoid going to court, which will save you time and money. This includes parent, stepparent and grandparent custody.

We will be an invaluable resource for all of your family law needs, and will thorough review in detail the child custody agreements with you to ensure you are making the best decisions for you. You should never hesitate to call a child custody attorney in Waxahachie, TX to assist with your case.

Custody Attorney For Time-Sharing Arrangements

Texas law presumes that parents should be "Joint Managing Conservators" unless one of the parents is unfit. As Joint Managing Conservators, parents will share much of the decision making regarding their children. Joint Managing Conservators does not mean that one parent will not pay child support to the other, and the child/children will spend equal amounts of time with both parents.

There will be necessary circumstances that will be factored in when it comes to time-sharing arrangements.

  • Vacation and holiday arrangements
  • Travel designations and restrictions
  • Primary living arrangements
  • Shared custody/Sole custody
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Plans for summer school
  • Education arrangements
  • Communications

We will go over each factor so that you are ready when the custody proceedings take place, and you will know the legal actions that need to be taken for you to get the best outcomes.

A Complimentary Consultation For Your Convenience

We provide our clients with a free consultation when they are hiring a custody attorney. We know this is a big step and we want you to be prepared with all of the information necessary before proceeding. Contact us today and we will schedule your consultation at your convenience and help with your family law needs.

Child Support- & Collection Of Child Support Payments

Tom E. Smalley, Attorney at law can help you with: determining the correct child support payment amounts due and owing, child support payment modifications, material change(s) in circumstance(s) regarding modification of child support payments, contesting requested child support modifications due to inaccurate information, and the pursuit of non-paying parties for both child support arrearage payments and medical support arrearage payments.

There are specific guidelines in the State of Texas to determine the amount of child support the noncustodial parent should pay. The court can increase or decrease these amounts based upon a variety of factors.

Standard Child Support estimates would be as follows:

  • One child: 20% of the noncustodial parents net income (after taxes)
  • Two children: 25% of the noncustodial parents net income (after taxes)
  • Three children: 30% of the non custodial parents net income (after taxes)

Each situation is different; therefore, we would need to meet with you to review your case so that we may provide a more detailed amount of child support payments. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

Termination Of Parental Rights And Adoption

Please call the office of Tom E. Smalley to discuss termination of parental rights. Every situation is very different and unique, but our team always will always provide extensive legal support from start to finish. Trust us to help you with your termination matter, whether it be contested or uncontested, we will be happy to assist you in a termination and possible adoption matter.

Adoptions can be sensitive and difficult and require an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about every aspect of adoption law. We represent clients going through stepparent, grandparent, other family adoptions.. Schedule your free consultation today with our dedicated and highly skilled adoption lawyer.

Paternity Issues

Our firm can provide assistance with all types of paternity issues, including those relating to acknowledged fathers, presumed fathers, equitable parents, and alleged fathers.

In recent years, significant legal precedents have altered the definition of a parent, specifically the father. You do have rights, and we will defend you against any claims you believe are unfair.

Since you are fighting for yourself and your child, the best way to represent your interests in court is with the help of our experienced paternity attorney. Legal knowledge and expertise make the difference in settling paternity cases quickly and affordably. For more than 40 years, our attorney has defended all of the following kinds of cases:

  • Acknowledged Fathers
  • Presumed Fathers
  • Equitable Parents
  • Alleged Fathers

Benefits of Establishing the Lawful Paternity of a Child

Establishing the paternity of a child dramatically impacts a family, usually in a positive way. There are important reasons for seeking the truth concerning a child's paternity. The mother, father, and child benefit from this knowledge because lawful paternity defines legal roles of a parent very clearly. Once you are acknowledged as the father of a child, you have legal rights to that child. You also have a fiduciary responsibility to the child. The child further benefits from knowing the medical histories of his or her genetic parents. The bond you develop with the child and the responsibilities you share with the child's mother depend on your specific situation. If you need assistance with any of these issues, rely on the expertise of our firm to help you reach your goals.

Community Property

Community property is defined as property acquired during your marriage. This can include real property (real estate), mineral interests, financial accounts, brokerage and mutual fund accounts, stocks and stock options, bonuses, closely held business interests (sole proprietorships, professional practices, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships, joint ventures and other nonpublicly traded business entities), retirements (401k, pensions, IRA, SEP, defined benefit plans, and/or defined contribution plans), motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, cycles, union benefits, insurance, annuities, money owed to you or your spouse, household furniture, furnishings and fixtures, appliances, electronics, computers, antiques, artwork, collections, miscellaneous sporting goods, firearms, jewelry and other personal items, livestock, club memberships, travel award benefits and other assets. Our firm can assist with the proper division of these items in your divorce matter.

Separate Property

Separate property is defined as property owned by or acquired by a party before marriage, property inherited by a party, property gifted to a party, or a result of a personal injury claim. Let Tom E. Smalley assist you in determining what is separate property in your case and aid you in keeping that property after finalization of your divorce matter.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Once your divorce is final there may need to be modifications made due to paternity issues, custody violations, spousal support discrimination, etc.. This is where we come in and help with debt, & credit related issues, real estate workouts, mortgage modifications, post-nuptial agreements, child support, custody changes, judgment modifications and enforcement

Grandparent visitation

Find out if you'll be able to receive grandparent visitation rights with help from our dedicated attorneys. While state laws vary on this matter, we can help you make your case to the court so that the best interests of the child are upheld.

Spousal Support & Alimony

Let our firm assist you with receiving the financial support and the security you need during a very difficult time in your life. Should you qualify for spousal support temporarily or alimony after the finalization of your divorce matter, Tom E. Smalley will seek to get the compensation you are entitled to.

Custody Violations

Trust our legal professionals to provide guidance regarding custody violations to ensure proper consequences are handled by the court. We can help you petition the court for enforcement of existing orders or request that a stronger custody order be enacted for your protection.

Additional Family Law Services Available

Legal matters involving family are emotionally draining and exhausting. Our experienced legal professionals are available to provide you with the one-on-one service and guidance you need to make these matters less stressful for all involved. Whether you're in the midst of a divorce, need representation for a paternity case, or seeking custody of your child, you deserve the highest quality representation possible. We understand that each case is different. That's why our family lawyer personalizes services to every client's unique needs, whatever they may be.

Talk to us about your individual situation. Every situation is very different, but Tom E. Smalley always provides aggressive legal support from start to finish. Trust Tom E. Smalley to help you with contested and uncontested issues you are encountered with. There's no reason to go through the process alone.

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