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Often when going through a divorce, a decision will have to be made in regards to full, temporary, or shared child custody. We understand the stress of this situation and we're here to ensure you have an exceptional lawyer when going through custody disputes and violations.

You can depend on a child custody lawyer to handle each step with care. We have in-depth legal knowledge of initial custody agreements, and specialize in family law. You don't have to go through a custody agreement alone. We're here to help you take legal action and get the outcome you deserve.

Let a Child Custody Lawyer Guide You

A child custody lawyer can guide you through the legal languages and procedures to ensure that you are proactive and informed. This will allow you to stay confident and calm when going though a divorce and a custody battle. We'll help you reach a legal agreement that puts your child first.

Keeping You Informed

Consulting an attorney means that you stay informed throughout the process. We know that custody cases can be overwhelming, and we want to make them as understandable as possible so that the process goes smoother.

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Factors to Consider for Time-Sharing Arrangements

When you speak with a child custody lawyer, there are a few factors to consider if you are sharing time with your child.

  • Vacation time
  • Travel restrictions and designed travel time
  • Communication such as telephone contact
  • Yearly holiday schedules
  • The education of the children
  • Summer arrangements
  • Sole custody
  • Shared custody
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Child custody agreements
  • Arrangements for living

We take everything into account and will listen to what you hope to achieve from the custody proceedings. We know that these are not going to be simple decisions to make, and while we will always work promptly so that you can move forward, we will never rush you. Our goal is to put you and your family first because we know how important this is to you.

Begin with a Free Consultation

If you are hiring a custody attorney, you can get started with a free consultation to learn more. Each person will have a unique legal situation, and we have the experience to ensure you get the best legal representation when it comes to child custody and other family law issues. Let us handle your legal situation so that you can get passed this point and start fresh. We serve those in Midlothian, TX as well.

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